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Started Feb 13, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Tony Hall Senior Member • Posts: 1,555 - I am furious

I just signed up to and followed all the instructions to buy a 7D through Ebay. On the checkout page, it said I'd get about 125 cash back, so I went ahead and checked out.

After this, I logged into my PayPal account looking for the money and it wasn't there.

Then I went to bing and tried to look for the cashback status. Well, evidently, I never confirmed my email address or "joined the cashback program" by submitting another form with my address.

So, even though it said I'd get about $125, I guess I don't because I didn't confirm my email address and even though I registered with bing, I hadn't completed the "cashback" process.

Unfortunately, this is Ebay and it's not as easy to cancel and order and redo it again.

I was afraid it wouldn't work for some reason since there's no indications that you're doing it right and sure enough, it didn't work.

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