16-35 F4 pretty much same size as 17-35 F2.8

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Too long AGAIN!!!

What in the heck is with these rocket launcher tube lenses lately?

I can't believe how many busted front ends I have seen on the 24-70 from pros smacking the sh_t out of it on anything that hits it. I do news events where I see the things jabbing people in the backs, smacking on poles, etc. What a joke!

Absolutely NO interest in the new 5 inch long 16-35, I want a compact, medium speed wide-ish zoom that has decent range and is fairly light.

I am sure the 16-35 at 16 is going to be sharper than the 17-35 at 17, but I just can not use these lenses while on climbs, ski trips, mountaineering, they stick out too much, total BS.

If this lens were a 20-35 F/4 that was a pound, 3-3.5 inches long, I would have POUNCED on it, but this 5 inch long wide lens garbage is for the birds...

'Digital is like shaved legs on a man - very smooth and clean but there is something
acutely disconcerting about it.'

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