DA*135-400mm F4.5 would you buy it?

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Re: front element, *REALITY*

chris gunn wrote:

A zoom with a 1.4x? No thanks.

Putting a 1.4tc on a DA*60-250mm or Sigma 100-300mm isn't that bad is it? Sure IQ suffers a little, but results don't seem to be that bad. Of course everyone has different standards.

Jens has a Tokina 80-400/5.6. He made good use of it at the Wanaka air show, at f11.
At F11 it was at least as good as my FA*400/5.6.
I can understand the popularity of a cheap f5.6 zoom.

The FA*250-600/5.6 though. I bet they sold under 500 of them. and they sell for 1.1m yen new? Not what I would call "a good place".

See your point, though, but both are bit more high end still.

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Wish cams: LX3 or 4/3 pocket cam with fixed stabilized lens.
Current lens: 18-55mm F3.5-5.6, 50mm F1.4, Sigma 105mm F2.8 macro

Wish lens: 17-90mm F3.2-4.5. A 70-300mm F3.2-4.5, usable quality with 1.4TC, 60mm F2 macro, 150mm F2.8 macro.

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