An analysis of EOS-1D Mark IV autofocus performance (Rob G)

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Re: An analysis of EOS-1D Mark IV autofocus performance (Rob G)

macroguy wrote:

I second that opinion. It is predictive auto-focus. It is taking a "best guess" as to where the action is heading. Sometimes the camera "guesses" right- sometimes it "guesses" wrong. It would be an engineering miracle if the focusing were 100% every time on a bobbing and weaving subject with erratic distance changes. I'm not shilling for Canon- I just think that we are asking the camera to do all of the work as if it is a $5,000 point and shoot. We could all be Sports Illustrated photographers if that was all that was required for sports photography. But surely the photographers skill, experience, and intuition must come into play.

I don't know if there is or isn't anything broke about the AF on Mark IV, but I do feel that RG was expecting too much from the AF system based on some of his comments. I don't know of any camera that can predict action that is unpredictable. I almost got the feeling in his review that he was disappointed that the camera couldn't do that (predict the unpredictable).

This is my point exactly, you made it better than I did. What I don't see from RG is the next step which is: The 1DIV did not do so well in the basketball scenerio, here is why and here is what needs to be done in terms of adjustments to make it work better for that. I suspect that if you give an experienced Canon sports shooter that camera who shoots basketball for a living, he'll get good shots.

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