How bad would I hate the new iMac? (MBP matte -> glossy)

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How bad would I hate the new iMac? (MBP matte -> glossy)

(Hi guys - long time no see :D)

I have an issue with my Feb 2007 MBP that will result in a call to Customer Relations.

I don't want it replaced - but that was already thrown out by the Apple Care guy that did nothing more than check on my AC expiration for me, and suggest that I call back to discuss options with CR. Ok then.

I have a 17" MBP, the 2.33 version, 1680x1050 screen one.

I have ZERO desire for the new screen res on the 17", i struggle enough these days with my eyes and I don't think i could read that screen without putting my reading glasses on or getting new ones. And that is a whole ball of optometry mess I don't want to enter (i need bifocals but can't get them because i also need prisms).

So, i have to sort this out before hand. I'm not excited about replacing my 17" with a 15" matte - and that is a downgrade in screen-estate that would drive me bonkers too.

I've concluded that at this point, I'd rather just take an iMac if they will do that... but then my issues with glossy screens come into play. My double vision and depth perception issues normally don't like them. And yes, i did run anti-glare filters on my CRTs.

If i was buying a new computer today, if i couldn't get a Mac Pro i'd probably just buy a Mini and get a Matte monitor. But gee, something feels wrong about suggesting they replace my $2799 computer with a $600 one that i'd need to then get a monitor for and i can't afford one right now anyway.

So now i have to figure out if that screen would do me in like i think it would.

As for losing the portability - my current battery with 18 cycles is completely useless on the go - "better battery life" setting and screen way down, about 60 minutes TOPS of use typing text. I just don't take it anywhere because I end up screaming at it. For basic on the go needs, my Touch fills most of my needs.

I already have 15+ hours, 660 miles and 5 trips to the closest Apple Store invested into this... and the current biggest issue is so random that unless they replace parts on my screen shots of iStat & Activity monitor, they won't get the fans to flip out in the 16 days of AC i have left. Which doesn't even deal with the nasty mucked up keyboard they installed last time. I can't stand to look at it.

And I still might have to go there because my new 32gb Touch i just got as a late Christmas present has a busted ambient light sensor. There went the savings from buying from Amazon into the gas tank....


Anyway, maybe i'm just venting.... but I have no clue on this stupid glossy screen thing. I wish I had another option....

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Confused & Frustrated Tracey

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