Re: Submerged camera's memory card retains photos

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Submerged cameras owners found

I read the whole news story, .

It appears the owners had already dropped and broken their previous camera in New York before this one was dropped on the deck of the Queen Mary and bounced over the side. Some people have really bad luck with cameras!

I'm curious to know, since the card obviously contains many more images than the five that have been seen, has anyone tried running some recovery software on the card to try to recover more images. Immersion in water is probably not too much of a problem, although salt water is worse than freshwater. The problems are likely to arise after the item is dried out because it is likely to oxydise and start corroding quite rapidly. Any recovery would need to be carried out as soon as possible.

graybalanced wrote:

I hear that one of the last steps in electronics component manufacturing is hosing it all down with water. They can take it, until they're turned on.

It's also true that all Toyotas are driven into a wall at 60mph after they come off the production line. If the airbags deploy they are sent out for sale.

To Err is Human, To really foul things up you need a computer.

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