Pentax K-X - Which SDHC Card

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Re: Pentax K-X - Which SDHC Card

new type wrote:

is there a big difference between toshiba class 6 (20mb/s) and sandisk class10(30mb/s) on k7? sandisk cost a lot more

As pretty well stated already, the difference will mainly be for continuous shooting after the camera buffer is full, where with the 30 Mbytes per second card you will get about 1.4 frames a second (fps) as tested in the review here on DPR ( ), and where you will only get about 1.0 fps with the 20 MBytes per second card. Either should work for capturing movies other than you may need the faster card for the K-7's almost 1080p movie mode (1536 X 1024 at 30 fps) which about doubles the data rate as compared to the 720p mode.

Regards, GordonBGood

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