looking to buy 5dmkii...how does d700 stack up?

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Re: I almost feel cheated

I switched from Canon crop sensor to Nikon FF (D700) about a year and a half ago. The D700 is a much better camera for the type of imagery I shoot and it was clear to me that Canon was not about to release a model of equivalent spec once the 5D-II details were announced. (This notion has been further enforced by the release of the 7D, which would have been the Canon for me if it had a FF sensor. The fact that it doesn't shows me that Canon has some very clear boundaries over how it specs out equipment.)

Having familiarized myself at length with both systems, I think Nikon builds a superior product in regards to camera, lens, and flash. It appears that Nikon agrees and charges accordingly. However, whereas Nikon equipment typically costs a bit more than Canon's, you do get more with the purchase. Take both company's 24-70 for instance -- IQ aside, the Nikon feels sturdier and more well made in my hand -- and it comes with an arguably better hood and pouch, and a considerably longer warranty.

It is true that there is no equivalent to the celebrated 24-105 F/4L IS in Nikon-land. Having had this lens glued to my Canon, it took me a while to get over the loss -- but I did get over it. The best alternative for the 24-105 -- a consummate jack of all trades / master of none? A simple 50 1.8. It's light, inconspicuous, and ultimately quite as flexible a lens (if you learn how to frame with primes) and the IQ is as good or better. In fact, if I ever went back to Canon, I very much doubt I'd choose a 24-105 for a general walkabout over the 50 1.4 (I don't like Canon's 50 1.8 at all -- the Nikon I find to be of better build and IQ.)

Learning to live with Nikon's far more limited modern full-frame lens lineup is a challenge to the switch -- but you ultimately have to weigh the pros and cons of Canon vs the pros and cons of Nikon and determine which is more better for you. After learning the ins and outs of Nikon's line-up, there are very few lenses I would want to bring over from Canon land (probably just the 35 F/1.4 L,) and with the recent release of the Nikon 24 1.4 and 16-35 F/4, it seems that Nikon is finally filling the gaps.

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