When Canon will produce this 3D ?

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Re: When Canon will produce this 3D ?

That'd be nice, really nice...

lbfd wrote:

-the body of the 7D (autofocus, exposure, weatherselling, shutter, ....) (at least, if a 100% viewfinder is too expensive (or I think they want to reserve it just for 1D line) I can cope with the 98% of the 5D mk II but with the technology of the 7D. With a little flash (to have the possibility to command other flash) ;

I would especially like the 7D weather sealings and, most important, its AF. Make it 98%, even 95% coverage to keep the price down and add a pop-up flash indeed!

-a swivel 2.5" with 900 000 pixels (yes it is narrow but it will be much easier to follow the video recording (as the viewfinder can't work during video) ; (this is the only feature wich doesn't exist right now, but I'm pretty sure it is not very difficult to produce)

Canon has the edge in DSLR video right now, and that would help them keep their advance. I can already imagine the multiple third-party sunshades available to use the LCD screen as an EVF!

Add zebra stripes, manual audio levels setting and, if possible, audio level monitoring on the LCD screen and you have a perfect video tool for the indie movie maker!

I think they could also continue selling the 5d mkII at less than 2000$ and this 3D at around 2500-2750 $

I'd pay up to $3K for a 3D like that.

I was waiting for a Nikon FF DSLR with full HD video, but it won't happen before early April 2010, with the D700's replacement (and that's the announcement only, delivery could be in June or July), so I'll probably go for the 5D2... or 1D4!

But a Canon 3D with such features could do very well if it was selling at a little more affordable price than a D700's eventual successor, especially if it has a decent AF (sorry, but the Nikon's 51-area AF is just awesome when compared to the Canon's 5D MkII AF, even though the 5D2's AF is excellent — and I know since I've used both).

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