7hi is actually SLOWER than 7i

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Re: 7hi is actually SLOWER than 7i

Great idea! I just tried that, and the camera recorded 5 RAW images at its "Hi" speed of 3 fps. The red light was on for a total of 71 seconds. So it was averaging about 14 seconds to store each image.

However, for all but 10 of those 71 seconds, the camera was available for picture taking. So we can guess that it was saving at its slow rate for 61 seconds and a faster rate for 10 seconds. Algebraically, it's

10 a + 61 b = 5

where a and b are the fast and slow rates in frames per second. We already know that b is 1/16 frames per second from my first experiment. So if we solve for a we get 0.119 frames per second -- or 8.5 seconds per frame. That's compared to 10 seconds per frame for the 7i. So I guess the 7hi is a bit faster after all. -- Bill

William West wrote:

Maybe, a better test for RAW is to take 6 consecutive
RAW images (without flash) and record the time when
you pressed the shutter release for the first image, and
record the time when the camera has finished writing all
images from the buffer to the compact flash card.

Then, you could average the time for each picture, and
see if it comes closer to 10-12 seconds.


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