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Re: What Aperture 3 does offer over Lightroom 3?

OK. First off, Aperture in general has always been much better than Lightroom as a DAM program. Lightroom just places images in a standard folder hierarchy, and even though they added "collections", they are kept separate from the folders they belong with. Apple's concept of having "projects" that can have Albums, Smart Albums, Book Albums, Slideshow Albums, etc, inside the Project is genius, and being able to arrange those Projects inside higher level folders, with Albums and Smart Albums at the root level also, together with arrangement of Albums inside of Projects with folders is also genius. And, if you allow AP3 to do it's job of managing your images, you can use the Vault concept for total Backup security. Now, in AP3, they have added the ability to split a large Library into smaller Libraries, or to merge smaller Libraries into larger single Libraries. And they have added the ability to switch between Libraries without restarting the program. So they have taken a program that already was way better than LR as a DAM program, and made it better. And, by the way, you can now use it for your video clips and audio clips!!

In AP2, the Slideshow tool was very weak compared to LR. But even though LR's slideshow module had more capabilities, it had quirks too. For instance, on my MBP, I've never been able to get LR to run an iTunes playlist during a slideshow, although it clearly was designed to do this. Adobe even admits that this is a bug in LR2, and they have never fixed it. But the new Slideshow tool in AP3 is just miles ahead of anything I've seen offered by any photo program. It combines the best of iPhoto's slideshows and iMovie to provide the easiest way to put together a multi-media slideshow I've ever seen. Just as a side light, while i am most interested in still photography, it can't have escaped anyone's attention that multi-media is becoming more and more important, even as an artistic expression.

With the exception of making a "Picture Package", Aperture 3 now has the easiest to use Print function, and if you combine that with the ability to do onscreen proofing, it now is preferable to the complex dialogue in LR. One poster just suggested that you could use a one page book layout to create a custom "Picture Package" , and I had completely forgotten that. I use that ability all the time to create flyers and such. Great use. And that brings up the Book tool. For those who haven't tried it, you should. In the latest release they have improved the abilities a bunch, and they have made it easier for 3rd parties to provide other themes. But the best thing is that now, third party priinters such as AsukaBook, Blurb, etc., can provide automatic upload plugins! I think this could be a real boon for Wedding or Event photographers.

Next, go to the tutorials and look at the new Full Screen browser and how you can switch back and forth between "Events", Thumbnails, and Full screen. I suspect many will be working primarily in full screen from now on!

Now add the things that have always been better in AP. Non modal interface, where all tools are available no matter what you are doing on the screen in any view. A real configurable loupe. Powerful metadata editing and searching. Including the new ability to write metadata into the Master file if you wish. RAW conversion fine tuning. The ability to run pixel processing plugins inside of Aperture.

There are still things I wish they would add or change in Aperture. There are tons of things I wish they would change or fix in LR. Both are imperfect programs. But both are WAY better than where we were just 4 years ago. Both have made our ives better as photographers. Aperture has regained it's place as my favorite "go to" program for my own photography & video work. But I will continue to learn, use, and teach Lightroom because it is cross platform, and because there is this strong feeing that somehow Lightroom must be "better" because it comes from Adobe rather than Apple.
Only my opinion. It's worth what you paid for it. Your mileage may vary! ;-}


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