looking to buy 5dmkii...how does d700 stack up?

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looking to buy 5dmkii...how does d700 stack up?

Hello all, I have been a Canon user for the last 7 or 8 years. I am currently shooting the Rebel xsi (which has been a great little camera, but I am looking to move to FF. I have, of course, been looking at the 5d. Well, a couple of buddies who shoot Nikon pointed me in the direction of the d700. I am not a "fan" of any company. I want the best equipment to suit my needs, period. I was hoping to get some unbiased opinions and thoughts on the two cameras...pros vs. cons.
My reasons for going FF are...
1. Better low light (high iso) performance

2. Better long exposure performance. My cropped sensor seems to pick up a TON of thermal noise at anything over a few minutes. I like shooting nighttime, so this is a biggie for me.
3. Better dynamic range.

4. Better IQ in larger prints. I have the opportunity to do some exhibit work next year.

5. I don't think that I really need 21mp, but I would take them if IQ were equal. If not I would rather have fewer mp, and better IQ.

I do not have a ton of money invested in glass right now and I have a friend willing to buy what I have at a reasonable price. One concern is I am VERY familiar with Canons glass, and know next to nothing about Nikon's.

My lens setup (with Canon 5d) would look something like...24-105L, 50mm f1.8, 100mm macro, 300mm f4IS, and one uw. What are my options with Nikon. The most important to me is to find a good (reasonably fast...f4) walkaround zoom that is on par with the canon 24-105is. I will start doing my own research, but your opinions are welcome.

thank you,


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