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Re: Used 80-200mm

I’ve been thinking about which lens so much the last couple of weeks, my head hurts. So last night I just walked into a large camera store that has a huge selection of top of the line Nikon glass. When the salesmen asked if he could help me I told him “Yes, I will take one of each, thank you very much!”…………….but then I woke-up a little while ago………….and the search continues.

BUT seriously I want to thank everyone for the information they have provided. Like I said at the beginning of this thread I ordered the 70-210 f4-5.6 AF D because from what I read it is a decent lens for a cheap price ($150) and it will allow me to practice in the 200mm area. I will then take that to a couple of the local arenas and see how it does, in the daylight. Then I can start form there trying to go down the list of what has been suggested. If there are other suggestions please keep them coming, all help is appreciated.

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