24mm f1.4 vs 28mm f1.4 comparison?

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Re: 24mm f1.4 vs 28mm f1.4 comparison?

I'm not concerned about the value of the 28, except its value to me. It's been one of my favorite lenses, ever. I bought mine on ebay in 2004 for $1600, and I can't imagine it selling for less than that.

The only reason to replace it would be vastly superior functionality/signature.

dylanear wrote:

Sure won't help it, the prices are a little insane, but I bet it won't fall far below what I paid for it new in '05. Rare lenses tend to keep value. Look at Nocts. Granted there's no new 50mm 1.2 even after all this time (and it seems there may be one soon). I'll be very interested to see how collectible a nice looking copy of the 28 will be over the next few years. Not that I'll be parting with mine, ever. Some lenses you just keep.

The 28/1.4 received mixed reviews in its days. The used market price will fall a long way down again once the 24/1.4 replacement is here.

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