7hi is actually SLOWER than 7i

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Re: what time did you measure?

Yes, that is right, just measure the time that the Red LED is on. Hmmm. ithere should not be a 4 second delay until it starts to write unless maybe you have instant playback turned on and set at 2 seconds? Anyway, it does not really matter how long the D7hi takes to save the file, because it can buffer several RAW shots ahead, and the D7i can't do that. As for speed, what Bill mentions with Fine mode sounds like the speed of the D7i, shoot fast for a number of shots, then it slows down to about one shot per second (depends on your card speed), except of course that the D7hi can maintain the 2-3 fps mode for 10 shots and the D7i can only take 4 shots before you slow down to 1 shot per second.


TOM wrote:

Bill E. wrote:

I just tested how long it took my new 7hi to save a RAW file, using
the procedure spelled out in Bryan Biggers's site:


With the Ridata 512MB card ("20x"), it took about 16 seconds.
According to Bryan's list, the same kind of card in a 7i performs
the save operation in only about 10 seconds.

I also tested a Delkin 256MB, which also took 16s compared to 11s
with the 7i on the list.

When did you begin counting the time?
Right after the shutter sound or when the CF LED turned on?
As I remenber the times in Bryans list are only the LED-ON time.
I timed my CF card in my D7 by taking a raw image:
16s total (4s after the shutter sound the LED turns on + 12s while
the LED is on).


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