The ipad killer?

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Re: "Yep, a real iPad killer. Apple must be shaking in it's boots..."

Peter G wrote:

I think the cube was more one of those style before substance designs.

There was the 25th Anniversary Mac. (25th Anniversary of Apple Computer, not of the Macintosh). It cost $8,000 for what was essentially a $3,000 Mac laptop, unfolded to form a desktop all-in-one. If you bought one, Apple sent somebody out to unpack and install it at your home or office for you. (For $5,000, I can do my own unpacking of such a small machine, thank you!)

Eventually, mail-order stores were clearing out the 25th Anniversary Macs for just under $2,000 (minus the "unpack the box for you" service).

The most expensive Apple computers ever were the Lisa and the Macintosh II FX, each of which went for $10,000. But those were about substance; Lisa predated Macintosh and had a multitasking OS, while the FX was a screaming (for that time) beast that also was expandable via internal card slots.

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