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Re: Kindle?

Peter G wrote:

dradam wrote:

Unfortunately for apple, I think there are a lot of people like me, who do own a laptop, and may find it difficult to justify buying a 500 toy to do things they can already do.

I wonder if you would have predicted the success of Amazons Kindle, after all you could read books on your laptop.

I was actually looking for an ebook reader when this was announced, so for me this is like a Kindle dx on steriods.

I think this will be a success and I do want one. I also thought the iPhone would be a success but I didn't want one of those.

It is hard to make an unbiased success/failure prediction of a new device because we all tend to project our views on the masses of consumers. Here I think they will sell very well because besides wanting one myself, I think this would work well for my Mom, who I failed to get using a PC.

Time will tell.

This, like the kindle, I see as a specialty toy for those that can afford one. Yes, the Kindle is doing well, but what kind of acutal market penetration does it have? The analogy here is not iPad-> Laptop like Kindle-> Laptop, it is instead iPad-> Laptop like Kindle-> Books. Books are doing fine and it is going to be a very long time before a LARGE portion of the market is willing to buy a device to read books on (which also have to be bought) when reading can be done just as well on books bought for cheap at a used bookstore or borrowed from the library. Simillarly, laptops and netbooks are pervasive in society and I believe it will take a much stronger effort than this to convince people to pay laptop prices for a very small portion of laptop functionality.

I'm not saying that the iPad wont sell, almost anything with an Apple logo will sell, I'm just saying that this is hardly the game changer it is being billed as.

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