Italian needs help with lighting equipment!!!

Started Sep 25, 2002 | Discussions thread
Paul M Bowers Senior Member • Posts: 1,008
Re: Italian needs help with lighting equipment!!!

If you really want to use continous lighting (hot lights), I'd suggest getting some large screens, like Scrim Jim's or even the Photoflex panels. Then a couple of Lowell's Omni-Lights and one or two fresnel focusables like a Arri or a Mole or an Altman. Peppers would be great (that's the name brand, not pepperocini). A typical setup would consist of a overhead screen with a Omni above it, then another screen from the side, then use mirrors and fresnel from the back with some little modifier for a nice rimlight.

This is not an easy thing to learn- it's much easier to use softboxes. You may want to try the Photoflex Starlite kits- they are a preconfigured continous softbox type lightsource, and they look like a cheap solution.

Forget about all the ceiling mounts- you don't really need them. Better to spend the Euros on the lights themselves and stands.



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