no support for PPC- pity but not surprising

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Re: no support for PPC- pity but not surprising

There is something definitely wrong with your MBP if it hangs at least once a week. I support dozens and dozens of MB and MBP users and none of them have any "hanging" problems. My own personal MBP never gets shut down and the only time I ever reboot it is for software updates that require a reboot. This is the same for all of my Intel based Macs I own or support.

Here is a list of what possibly is your problem:

1. Bad memory module
2. Flakey hard drive
3. Corruption in your OS/system directory structure.

The remaining possibility is the least likely; something wrong with your logic board. Oh, and one additional possibility is a flakey 3rd party USB or FireWire device. I have seen this happen when an external hard drive is dying, when using a flakey keyboard or even a flakey mouse.

ArtZAngel wrote:

Truly a pity. I have never been a fan of the Intel switch. I know all the reasons and that Apple made the right move but I still don't like it. My G5 will run rock solid for weeks on end. My MBP will hang at least once a week. But between AVCHD files and now A3, I am going to have to part with my beloved G5.

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