"Wedding Photography looks easy enough"....

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Re: "Wedding Photography looks easy enough"....

The market has become a bit flooded with have a go heroes as such. But whatever anyone thinks, there is nothing you can do about it.

If the client wants the "cheapest option", and does not really care about anything else, then that's why the market exists for el cheapo photographers.

Onto gear, well obviously top end stuff is nice, but not required in many cases. Though I'd suggest a fast prime maybe a 50mm for the guy with the D80

It is essential to have back up stuff, esp bodies, I'd take 2 digital and a few film bodies as well, batteries etc, all this is common sense really.

I can understand the "cheaper rates" than well established studio shooters, obviously new folks don't have the portfolio of work they would need to get top rates, but there are limits to how silly you can go price wise. That IMO does not help matters.

But if they want cheap, leave them at it. I price for coverage and time, that way you can still meet the budget needs of some couples, who don't want full day coverage. I'd pass on the CD only stuff, no interest..so they pay more for prints, but I need to see them, it's part of the service..

In the long term, I think you lose nothing by ignoring the super cheapo market, and the weekend warrior rates seem to cover that nicely! I'm a general photographer myself, I do some wedding work, but I price myself at decent levels, I'm not silly cheap, nor as expensive as the old hands who are long established, mid point.

Anything less, even for less experienced wedding shooters, well you are only screwing yourself..and working for next to nothing.

I think the mentality is you have to start somewhere, so buy a DSLR and kit lens..off you go, they've got a point, and you won't get top rates, but you should at least have back up stuff, that's a must. Some people care about their work, some don't..it's the last category that bothers me most.

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