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Re: competing disadvantages of the two viewing modes

lamah wrote:

You need to quote to show the part of the post you are replying to anyway.

I agree - as must be obvious - but I've still seen people complain about doing this.

Where I might consider the extract I have made to be acceptably representative (in respect of the particular point I am trying to make or respond to), some posters resent having their remarks "cherry picked" and will be more likely to take issue with selective quoting as the temperature rises. So: the more argumentative the thread, the longer the posts get. Calm and constructive threads fly by, in comparison!

It is IMO very seldom the actual intention to distort or editorialise by means of the quote itself, rather than in the reply - but that's the very commonly flung accusation - "you are taking my remarks out of context", that kind of thing. This can be completely unreasonable, but it's hard to deny when one has been selective.

I'd quite like to see a hybrid flat view that had an indented folder-type diagram at the left side to show the hierarchy, letting you expand and collapse subthreads,

You've just described Usenet on a good newsreader.

Yes; I suppose there are many entrenched views here (numerically very many participants too) and accumulated habit is very strong. dpreview's own ethos seems to be quite "controlling" toward the visual presentation, cutting off options for optimal browsing using small devices or larger screens etc unless one actively circumvents the formatting. They do occasionally refresh the interface, but a particular "look" seems to be important to them.


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