1d MK III + 70-200 + 580ex beauty dish GLAM SHOOT

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Newspaper Man
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Re: Keep us up to Date with your findings please NM!

i will update you guys!

and will use this 6" dish more often! i really can't wait...

so far with the diffuser... the lighting is broader... and softer... i really think this is perfect for close-ups... or even fill-in for full body shots...

Aussie Rod wrote:

I would be interested to see the affected area the unit would light outdoors. I know the test shot on the side of the building showed a big area but I wonder what the area would be like with the diffuser?

Newspaper Man wrote:

dalite wrote:

The soft lighting and flesh tones are amazing. Is flash output reduced (lower Guide Number) from using the Impact Strobos?

i'm really impress with this gadget! i really believe once this gadget is mastered, this can improve lighting effects indoor or outdoor...

as far as my test goes...

  1. 1 i'm using an external battery (quantum turbo) and

  2. 2 the flash is still in ETTL mode

with these in mind... the power output must still be the same... but because of the diffuser the lighting quality is now different... i find the lighting wider and more pleasing...

i still have to master the use of this... i actually modified mine by creating a white sock (like the material used for softboxes)... like this (but to fit 6" diameter...

and what's nice about this small dish... the 580EX's red beam is not blocked all the way and is still useful in darker environemnts...

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