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Re: Rofl !

Shaun_Nyc wrote:

Then you have weirdo’s like Steph (aka Kin ) above who don’t even use a camera but live their fantasies through internet forums like this, Using fictitious profiles/locations w photobucket accounts’ and just here to get a rise out of people. I thought this place was moderated ? What a sad site this has become

Keep in mind this is the 1D/1Ds/5D forum and as such, it is implied most here are professionals, since these cameras are 'pro grade' cameras. So when someone posts images from their 1D/1Ds/5D, they should accept comments on their work - positive and negative. I see that Shaun_Nyc has no problem accepting praise for his shots (like when everyone on here writes "great shots" on very mediocre images) but when people give legitimate criticism, he can't take it and goes on the attack.

My original post only asked why every shot was focused dead center. Not typical 'professional' composition. And while everyone who commented did it with praise (meaning many more chose rather not to comment than to criticize), I had the nerve to suggest the images were nothing special.

If you're gonna post images here and expect "great shots" on every post, you're sorely mistaken.

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