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Have you tried flash on a smartphone?

richiebee wrote:

So its about mis-use rather than the technology itself. Why not give feedback to the offending web sites instead of dissing the technology? If it annoys you, then disabling it is the right thing to do, obviously. Because if there is compelling content, presumably you can enable it easily. Removing the technology completely just hurts everyone.

But IMO, if you ignore Video/Games, the misuse of flash is somewhere around 99%. I don't play flash games and Video is moving to alternatives....

One other factor, have you visited a flash infested web site on smartphone that supports flash. It would probably absolutely crush the device. People notice the slowdown on powerful desktops, but on a low power smartphone it would be nothing but pain.

I posted this link before. This is new a Windows 7 (flash supporting) tablet, running much more powerful hardware than an iPad. When they run youtube video, it chokes.

Support on limited hardware will be nothing more than marketing joke.

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