Leica M9 battery life...?

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Re: Battery problem resolved..


Seems the problem I had wasn't the battery. It had to do with some chip or board within the camera itself.

The camera was returned to Leica. And, they had it back to me in a weeks time, working perfectly.

I only now wish, I had a Leica workshop available nearby so I could attend and decrease the learning time I find is now required of this photographer to grasp the difference between my Canon 5D II and the 'thinking man's camera, the rangefinder Leica M9.

Obviously, over the year or so since I first received the 5DII, I had become so comfortable with the ease of the 5DII, I had stopped 'thinking'...however, as owners of Leica' know, that's not an option.

I find myself now laughing stupidly at myself - when using the M9, as I need NOW remember it is not just about focus, and depressing the shutter button, it's NOW about aperature and ISO and everything including focus, which makes for a quality capture...

Ok, so where are the Leica workshops?

I sure would like to attend one...


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