Need help resolving what I did wrong with this picture please

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Yoy made me smile and laugh (nt)

Pedro Dias wrote:

next time, set manual focus, dont rely on AF in those light conditions,especially with so much going on subjectwise.

f/8 or more has been mentioned

If that's a D300, then you could get ISO800 or even up to 1250 to help your flash with the exposure, that will also help.

BUT - final tip: Always do a couple of test shots, just to see that you get it right. Then:

  • inspect histogram for assessing exposure

  • zoom to 100% to assess sharpness

Tell a joke! Get the crod smiling, I usually try this one:

"Can the people who had sex last night can smile first" - if nobody laughs, point at granny and say "Dont you laugh now, gran" and you get funny result .)

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