Can a body or lens improve panning results? (Multi-cam related?)

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Can a body or lens improve panning results? (Multi-cam related?)


This is not technically the correct forum for me as I have a D40 and the kits lenses (I used the 55-200mm VR for the shots below), but I'm trying to understand how the camera and lens autofocus systems work together to yield better results while panning. Any help this forum can offer is greatly appreciated.

I already posted a simlar thread in the D90-D40 forum and the general concensus was my results are just fine, and to keep practicing to improve my keeper rate rather than spending money on a new body or lens. But I still have some unanswered questions and thought I'd give this forum a try.

Some did recommended a D90 or a D300 for their improved autofocus systems, now I'm trying to understand why.

How would the differences in Multi-Cam autofocus systems specifically help me in these circumstances? And is the lens equally or more important?

I've been researching a D5000 or a D90 and even a lens like the Sigma 50-150mm f2.8, but can't seem to determine definitively if either a new body or a new lens would help. I'd hate to spend any money and gain no noticeable improvement!

Please keep in mind that I can’t afford a pro body or a pro lens, but even if those are the only choices that would help, please explain why.

So I'm most likely going to stick with my current setup at least for another year, but any deeper understanding I gain will only help should I decide an upgrade is warranted.

My typical settings seem good based on previous responses, but here they are anway:

• Shutter Priority: typically 1/100 to 1/320 (I’ve tried less than 1/100 with very little success. Over 1/320, the cars mostly look parked-no wheel blur.)
• Auto ISO
• AF-C focus mode
• AF-D area mode
• Center Weighted metering
• VR off

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and please let me know if there's anything missing that would help with your reply.


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