Adorama WARNING--Selling Them Used Equipment

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Re: They're closed. Why are you complaining IN CAPS?

Well from what I understand, Jack from the Used department did call you back early this morning and explained everything and you were satisfied with everything. If this is not the case, please do let me know....and if it is..let everyone here know as well. Much appreciated.

LeeR wrote:

Any reasonable person would understand that to mean 24 hour period in whichb business is conducted. So far, they're well within that 24 hour period.
Your complaint is wholly without merit.

I don't agree...not in this day of Internet companies like, Territory Ahead, etc. that operate 24 hours a day. I did not know that Adorama closed early on Friday and observed the Jewish sabbath until I started checking--I think it was last night (Friday night.) But I had to do a certain amount of digging. I have dealt with many Internet sales companies over the years, and when they say they are going to do something by a certain time, they do it.

I have worked around B&H's Sabbath and Holy Day schedules for many years. But they are much more obvious about these things.

On Thursday, about 3 p.m. I told a rep at Adorama I did not want to sell and to send back my gear. He then offered a slightly higher price, so I said I think about it and would call him back in about an hour or so. He said okay. To me, he then could/should have told me about closing early on Fridays, being closed on Saturday, etc. But he didn't. It was more like about 2 hours before I could get back to him, which is when I left a message for him to call me. But in that message I indicated I was prob. only to sell part of the gear, not all of it, and I wanted him to tell me how much he could give me for that portion.

I have seen many companies say they will do such and such in so many business days or hours. But when they say they will do it so many days or is not unreasonable for a customer to believe they mean that many days or hours. It is not reasonable for us to have to say to ourselves..."Oh...that means so many days or hours not including Holy Days, sabbaths, holidays, etc." If they do mean that, then they should say so--make it obvious--as does B&H in their communications.


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