Not happy with kid's senior portrait

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Re: Not happy with kid's senior portrait

The whole idea of approving a "proof" is letting the photographer know they can go ahead with the final print - i.e. placing the order with the pro lab the photographer is working with (or printing in house and incurring the relevant expenses). That said, you are the client and I'm sure the photographer would love to have you return for another job and spreading the good word about their services. I'm sure you and the photographer, with that in mind, can come to a mutually reasonable agreement. Any photographer who's worth his/her salt is processing using layers, which means they can tone down any retouching effects, typically with a move of a slider. Offer to pay the expenses/costs of the final print and whatever time is spent re-doing the retouch - I believe the photographer will oblige (I know I would in that case).


RangerJoe wrote:

I stopped by the studio, looked at the final prints, brought them home. However, when I got home and my wife and kid saw the final prints, they weren't happy with them - too "airbrushed." Said differently, too much processing; the skin looks like plastic.

Notwithstanding that we viewed the images on a huge flat screen in the studio after our sitting, and I did accept the final prints, what are my options at this point?

Thanks for reading.


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