How did you get into Minolta?

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I won't go into the boring story of what got me into a SLR but when I did chose it was for a Minolta 7000i with a 28-85 zoom. Later I upgraded to a 7xi and sold off the 7000i. Then I got a wonderful Maxxum 7 and kept the 7xi as a back up body. Finally when the Maxxum 7 was discontinued I picked up a new Dynax 7 and gave the 7xi to my wife.

Over the years I also amassed a nice set of glass to use on the bodies.

A few years into my photography I also started picking up some manual focus bodies. I already had a Mamiya 645 1000s and enjoyed working with manual focus and how it really makes you concentrate on your work. By the time I got done I had pretty much every 7 series Minolta body from the SR-7 to the K/M-7D. I even had a few Minolta Rangefinders and some uncommon bodies like this chrome X-700:

Part of the collection:

A few years ago for a variety of reasons I finally left the A-mount behind as my main system. But I still actually have quite a bit of Minolta gear around and some sees use even to this day.

I've still got this solid beast:

Use this in high risk jobs:

Still have one of these super sharp rangefinders:

And don't think I'll ever sell this gem:

My Minolta gear has been very, very reliable. My 7S rangefinder's shutter has frozen because I stopped using it and my first Maxxum 7 needed some factory work. Other than that I don't think I've had any other items fail.

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