Spyder3Print Profiles Not Reproducing Blues Correctly on Epson R800

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Re: Practical advise: cats and mice

Apotheker wrote:

As a new member of this forum I find it rather catching that a lot of people are
expressing rather exhaustive opinions and theoretical methods how the
blue/purple problem can be solved and you should do this or do that or what not

to do with printer profiles and which is giving the topic starter headache how to > > solve this particular problem.

I spent several days going over ElectronVolt's question (which was the start of this thread) in a support ticket on our web site.

One thing that should be set straight: there wasn't a "horrible purple cast in his blue skies at all. I was able to determine this by looking at sample images he sent me.

With his images: no matter which printer profiles he softproofed and printed with, there was always a -change- in the skies, because they were out-of-gamut light blues. He was comparing 3 different profiles: a Spyder3Print profile; the Epson standard profile; and also a profile built by Cathy's profiles (created with GretagMacbeth ProfileMaker according to the internal tags in the profile, which he sent me a copy of to examine). With the Epson profile and Cathy's profile, the color of the sky shifted noticeably towards cyan. The software that created the Epson standard profile, and Cathy's profile, both have an out-of-gamut mapping algorithm that pushes the skies, in these particular images, in that direction.

With the Spyder3Print profile, for these particular images, the shift is in a different direction; a bit more magenta, rather than cyan. In all cases, it's a question of what out-of-gamut mapping is doing, but there is always a change.

In ElectronVolt's case, we were able to change how the skies softproofed, and printed, by making a small adjustment in one of the Advanced editing sliders in Spyder3Print. That's one way to make a change, and for most people, it's going to be the easiest.

The concept of pre-shifting selected hues in the target images before printing them, which is technically more complex. You have to load the .tif versions of the target images into Photoshop; tweak them; and so there are more steps to go through, and more places where you can do something else wrong that would cause a problem.

The problem is the Spyder3Print spectophotometer combined with the Spyderprint software and the specific target which gives a horrible purple cast in blue skies.

Except that what we're seeing here, for purposes of this discussion thread, is not even remotely close to a "horrible purple cast".

I'm a rather practical person seeking for and trying to give practical solutions to problems and I think my method for the purple hue in blue skies problem with profiles created by the Spyder3print and using the tinned target file is the easiest and most effective one to overcome this problem.

With any profiling package, you can use the same technique to fool it into producing different results for color ranges in the output. With the Epson standard profiles, or Cathy's profiles, I could make the same case: that their shift of these skies towards cyan is also a "change", and perhaps I don't like that, and a way to "fix" or change their out-of-gamut adjustments would be to tweak color ranges in their targets before printing as well.

These are out-of-gamut colors. They shift -slightly- (not "horribly") when you softproof and print; and all profiles for the same printer/paper/ink combination, no matter what the source, will have to map and proof/print them as changes from the original colors in the image. It's just a question of how much they shift, and "where".

Tweaking the profiling targets prior to printing is difficult and technically challenging, but we've made Spyder3Print flexible enough for you to take that approach if you like. (Some profiling systems only let you print targets from within the profiling software itself, so you wouldn't be able to do this as an option). Most people would find it easier to use the adjustment sliders on the Advanced Editing screen in Spyder3Print.

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