Adorama WARNING--Selling Them Used Equipment

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You aren't getting the entire picture

First, Adorama never contacted you on Friday late PM or Saturday. I am 100% sure of this so the only gap in the discussion has occurred during a time when they post they are not in the store and are commanded by some sort of religious superstition not even to use the phone. So any employee who called you would go to hell if he did (or something).

Second, you are asking for a low ball if you go to any reseller. Remember, a reseller has to retail the item in parity with what direct sellers are asking on eBay and Craig's. So if you item has a mean selling price of $300 there, the most ANY reseller can offer you is $210. If you are expecting parity in selling to Adorama for the convenience of doing business with them but demanding full retail, then you are in dream city.

Let me ask you this. Does a car dealership offer you high retail for you trade? I'll bet not and for the same reason.

Adorama is a highly reputable outfit. I think it outrageous that you libel them here out of complete ignorance to the necessities of doing business and knowing of their business hours.

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