Adorama WARNING--Selling Them Used Equipment

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Re: Adorama WARNING--Selling Them Used Equipment

tyoung said:

Disconcerting? It's pretty silly actually. You were in contact with them late thursday afternoon. They close early on Friday and are closed on Saturday. Your "40 hours" > equates to around 6 business hours.

Try them again on Sunday or Monday. You aren't their only customer and the used equipment section is a small but busy subset of their business.

You are missing a salient point. While it looked like I wanted to sell, they were in constant communication. Moreover, most every email I get from them has this message:

"Thanks in advance for your quick response." Which means they want me to get back quickly with them. But what about them?

And this one:

"...we'll get back to you in 24 hours."

If on certain days it might be 36 or 48 hours or more, they should indicate. that. They should not say they will respond to messages within 24 hours or in 24 hours if they are not going to abide by what they say in their emails. That is part of what is disconcerting--not silly. I run a small business myself. I make it a practice to do what I say. I have dealt with B&H for years with matters like this, and they are upfront and forthright and open and obvious about how things work. (Not that they are perfect.) When a company doesn't follow through with what they say they are going to do, and is holding some expensive equipment of someone's, the company is sabotaging customer confidence.

One more thing about the 24 hr. response time. It is frustrating that while it looked like I was selling I didn't even have to wait for a response time--I could get right through. But never could get through Friday morning, after I had indicated I may not want to sell, even though I had called the evening before and started calling fairly early Friday morning. Their web site says they close at 1:30 p.m. on Fridays, and I started calling well before that--plus had left the message the night before.


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