"Wedding Photography looks easy enough"....

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Re: "Wedding Photography looks easy enough"....

I completely agree with you. Some photographers have more expenses than others. Some are supporting a full studio and others are not and that cost, or lack of, gets passed on. What I was trying to say (and did not do a great job at it) was I wouldn't apologize to a potential customer for my pricing structure. I lay out what I have to offer and what I bring to the table in both experience and equipment, try to educate them a little as to what to look for in quality, and let them make their decision. There are customers for every price range, even for Uncle Harold's kid who is willing to do it for free because he just got a new camera and has a dream of being a photographer.

On another note:

I have the utmost respect for anyone who shoots weddings for a living. I shot a few weddings when I was younger and just didn't like it. There is a lot of stress. If I miss a shot on the field or doing a portrait their is usually a chance to take another one. If you mess up a wedding shot there are no do overs.

Plus I can't dealt with Prima Dona Brides. One told me she didn't like my photo's they made her look fat. It had nothing to do with the extra 150 lbs she was caring around with her.

For those who have the patience and can handle the stress I take my hat off to you.

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