D3s vs 1DmkIV review suggestions?

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Re: If you have a suitable Nikkor lens and F-mount-to-EOS adapter...

Kabe Luna wrote:

...I'd like to see well controlled tests on pixel-level detail between the two through ISO 6400, which is what I consider the practical upper limit of usable ISO (based on image quality) on either camera. Apertures: wide open through f/11.

ka00 wrote:


I will be doing tests and comparing a D3s and 1DmkIV in both stills and video modes. Any specific things people would like to see compared? Specific parameters they feel would be needed to make it a fair test? I have my own ideas of course, but am open to input to help make it unbiased and helpful.


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1) How do you define usable if you claim these cameras to be unuasable at ISO 8000+?

2) What determining IQ factors have led to your conclusion?

3) How come you equalize the Canon 1D Mk IV and the D3s since the D3s is about 1 1/2 EV better (S/N) at highest ISOs?

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