m4/3 sensor versus a HD camcorder

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Stereo sound with closely spaced mics is no different than mono sound

You do realize that the stereo mics are about two inches apart from eachother and pointed in the same direction right? They are recording the exact same thing and feeding that into a stereo signal.

The GF1 uses one mic to record the sound and actually feeds it into a stereo signal. Go check the properties of a GF1 AVC HD lite file. It is actually stereo. It is just sourced from a mono input. However, I would argue that the ZS3's is also as close to a mono input because the mics are too close together.

There are a bunch of videos I want to do in the near future. One of them is to record surround sound with the ZS3, GF1, and high quality separated and directional stereo mics and compare the end result. My hypothesis is that the HQ stereo mics are the only ones that will get the surround sound affect you desire.

I am only aggressive with you because I think your are aggressively trying to help propagate an incorrect stereo-type(no pun intended) that leads people to make the incorrect decision in buying a camera.

The correct choice in selecting a camera is to examine the audio specifications that it stores the audio in first. If it stores it at 44 Khz, 16 Bit, and greater than 120 kbps then it will probably sound OK. After that you need to actually listen to it to make sure the microphone is good enough to produce the sound you are looking for.

Markr041 wrote:

Stereo is superior because one is trying to recreate the soundfield of the place, and mono sound does not do it as well as stereo, all other specs the same, of course. (We have two ears - I know, we have two eyes, so the 3D issue will soon be with us). It is why almost all commercial recordings of natural acoustic music are in stereo (it's not to sell speakers), and why professional films use surround sound . It is not credible that Panasonic uses a mono mic on the GF1 or Olympus for their new cheaper variant because they wanted to make the sound better!

The point is that sound accompanying video really enhances the experience of being at a place, and the more realistic the sound, the better this experience. People on this site are experienced and knowledgeable (and sometimes defensive) about and have high standards with respect to visual qualities quite naturally. They are also naturally, as photographers, on average less experienced about audio, and less aware of audio possibilities (I mean typically of course, not true of everyone!). Those of us who come from professional audio backgrounds have a different take.

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