orientation sensor in the memory card?

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Re: No.

Dave_Anderson wrote:

The memory card should only do what it is told to do, i.e. store data when asked. That's how the camera expects it to behave, anything else is asking for trouble.

That sounds like my viewpoint too.

In order to do the job properly, the orientation sensor in the card would communicate with the camera, which would then incorporate the information into the files which it sends to the card. But such cooperation between card and camera is unlikely, building the extra camera functionality would seem pointless, unless it was a marketing gimmick to tie the camera to a particular brand of memory card.

On the other hand, if the card is to act in independently of the camera, it would have to intercept "write" requests from the camera and modify the data prior to writing it. I would think that to do this successfully would require a great deal of extra processing capability on the card in order to analyse the data before processing it in some way.

Perhaps the safest approach would be to write an additional file to the card every time an image is stored. That might work, but would require suitable viewing software which could understand the need to read both the image file and the orientation information file together.

The whole thing sounds very shaky, it is analogous to the hard drive on a computer creating two files every time that a single file is requested to be written. That is a fundamental change to the whole concept of the way the file system normally works. I can't honestly see the benefits being sufficient to risk undermining the basic concepts of data storage.


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