"Wedding Photography looks easy enough"....

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It seems to be all about handling expectation from the clients.

If you show the clients your portfolio and they are happy with your standard of work, it shouldn't matter to them, or to anyone else how many bodies, lenses or lights the photographer has. As long as the Bride and Groom receive photographs to the standard that was agreed by the portfolio or initial meeting, they won't care what equipment you've got.

If they receive photographs to the level of their expectation, then everyone is happy and it's been a good deal.

This also works both ways, I could be charging £3000 and taking £500 "value shots" - if the client is happy to pay £3000 for my mediocre shots, who am I to stop them!?

Of course charging £3000 for mediocre shots is not a great business model, but you catch my drift!

As long as the clients requirements and expectations are met, it doesn't matter what the price is.

That's the way I see it anyway.

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