Replacement for K200D?

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Re: Replacement for K200D?

Trevor G wrote:

1) Shadow control. That lifts lowlight portions over 3 operator-selectable steps - it works extremely well

2) Highlight control. That (mostly) stops highlights from clipping.

Gimmicks for JPEG shooters, I'd call them. Could be useful to some, but most serious photographers are better off shooting RAW and adjusting the curves themselves rather than trusting the camera to magically guess exactly how they want the image to look.

3) Info panel. That allows quick changes to many individual items.

Items that many serious photographers would never need to change. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO - that's all I ever mess with. Sure, a more direct access to ISO would be nice. But it stands to reason any camera positioned as a K200D would inherit whatever improvements the K-x has already made, as Gordon already pointed out.

4) Lens correction per shot (selectable for chroma and/or geometry).

That one could be nice, to be sure, but given that it slows processing down, I'd be more inclined to leave it off.

5) Higher fps, and so on.

No doubt. But once you throw out the beginner-oriented gimmicks, the list of improvements isn't that long, and you continue to completely ignore the fairly major advantages the K200D provides as well. Again, I'm not saying the K200D is definitely the better camera - just that there are significant advantages that would make the K-x seem a step backwards in ways - and that's why people continue to ask about the possibility of a new model that adds those features to the features already in the K-x.

Depending on the lens I chose, approximately 1 in 10 shots with my K200Ds (I had a faulty replacement as well as the original) would be in focus.

Again, whether or not that's actually true, it's also completely beside the point - we're comparing properly functioning amera, not the tiny percentage of defective ones. I'm sure a defective K-x would suck too.

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