iPad USB Port and SD Card Slot

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Biggest dealbreaker and I don't think this fixes it.

pooya Paridel wrote:

From Tomshardware.com:

The only physical connector on the iPad is the 30-pin connector on the bottom. However, Apple wants users to use the iPad as a photo editor and viewer, so the camera connectors are useful in this capacity. There are two: one gives you a USB port for attaching a camera, and the other converts the 30-pin connector into an SD card slot.

link: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/pictures-story/143-13-Apple-iPad-Tablet.html

I don't have Apple anything, but this is a very cool device, and it got me very interested. By far the best form factor of any tablet, and the best user experience I have seen (in hands on vids anyway).

But no SD/USB is pretty much a dealbreaker. There is a big reason for no SD slot, to force you to buy more expensive models to get more capacty. $100 for another 16G?

This kit almost certainly is of limited transfer only functionality. It won't be generic USB, just transfer, the same with SD card, it won't work as additional storage, it will just allow storage, likely only into the photo app. You might not even be able to use it to view photos on the card without first loading them into the device, which is terribly annoying on a device with limited unexpandable storage.

Love the form factor, love the interface, but really don't like the iron fisted closed off nature.

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