I bought an E-30 instead of an E-3 and i'm fighting to love it !

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I bought an E-30 instead of an E-3 and i'm fighting to love it !

I replace my stolen E-3 by an E-30 and i work hard to love it !

May be i'm not alone, may be i just need to talk about it with people that understand that (people around me considering it is an expensive camera i should be happy :)).

Sure, it is hard to start a discussion like this and if i think with clear mind i shouldn't be that hard on the E-30.

1/ It a little more than a month i got the camera. At first only with a 18-50mm Sigma then lately with a 50-200mm, a 300mm OM and a 50mm 1.4 OM. This is not enough time.

2/ I'm quit busy since i received it and i didn't have a lot of time of GOOD photos sessions, trip, zoo, whatever to practice the camera.

3/ The weather in Israel is quite grey and rainy. Not that good shot are not acheived under bad weather, but it is always easier when the light is nice (especially to avoid high ISO).

Those are very good reason to be forgiveness with the E-30 and to blame me (the photographer) of the situation.

But i didn't mention what's the situation !

The camera is ok, i made very few great shoot (i have shot 4000 pictures), i lost many many wonderfull moment and scene that should have been kept forever. AND i keep missing my previous E-3 and not having fun with the E-30.

I'm somehow fighting to love the E-30, to be patient, to find excuses (they may be justified) to the camera...

Why am i still not having fun with my E-30 like i had with my E-3 from the very first day ?????

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