G/GH1 Sucessor

Started Feb 3, 2010 | Discussions thread
CubScoutDad Regular Member • Posts: 249
Re: G/GH1 Sucessor

I purchased my GH-1 a couple of weeks ago and loving it! I played back video on my 52 in. HDTV and it was amazing.

I kept my FZ-50 for three years and I'll probably keep my GH-1 for three years before I trade up again. The next latest/greatest is always just 12 months away. For the first 6 months, you'll wait because the prices are high, and then the next 6 month, you'll want to wait because a new model is about to come out. You'll make yourself crazy.

Anyway, what I'm reading it will be summer before the GH-2 is out, so while you are waiting for it to be released, then waiting for the price to drop, I'll be enjoying my antiquated GH-1.

What I'm waiting for is the new LX to replace my TZ-5.


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