Nikon 50/1.4g vs. Tamron 60/2?

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Re: Nikon 50/1.4g vs. Tamron 60/2?

sem wrote:

jtra wrote:

The issue with constant underexposure at any aperture is more likely a lens-camera protocol incompatibility.

Some speculations...

Did you check if this is a dynamic issue... would it go away if shooting at long exposure times (in low light), so that the aperture would "settle"? Does the wide-open aperture visually look the same during aiming and during the exposure or DOF preview (when set to max aperture)?

I did check by looking inside while pressing DOF preview buttom, but it was quite dark in the shop and I could not see aperture blades reliably. I did not check through viewfinder as it is not very reliable. I could have checked it through live view (which uses aperture you set in A-mode before LV activation of after shot).

Could this be due to something else than the aperture blocking the light in the Nikon mount version? The exposure calculations might be wrong if they are assuming aperture 2.0 which isn't...

I assumed in my calculation f/2.2 which should be correct for 1m focus distance.

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