F100fd image quality compared to a F40fd or F200exr

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Re: F100fd image quality compared to a F40fd or F200exr

Anyone have/had a F100fd and a F200exr? Wondering which the F100 mimics -- newer or older F-series. If newer, I might as well pass on the F100 and wait to see what the F80 is all about.

F30 (still have), F100fd (with my youngest daughter), and F200EXR ...which I actively use. They're all great in their own way, and it really comes down to what suits your own requirements.

For tons of images fom all three, where you can make your own comparisons, go to http://nickbland.zenfolio.com ...hope this is a help to you.

Quick summary from my own viewpoint :

F30 : great colour rendition / great low-light shots (but high NR, smears detail), and not so great in decent light ....small screen/4:3 aspect ratio/3 x zoom

F100fd : P&S, don't need to think about it ....but no changeable aspect ratios, frustrating to make what should be simple adj eg EV ...and that pink banding, which remains still unresolved in that model

F200EXR : great DR, needs some practice & careful use to extract the very best results, high-contrast screen (images look even better when d'l to pc), my favourite 16:9 ar is selectable...and these days, dirt cheap - about £150 in UK

All the best,
New & updated E-P1galleries at :
http://nickbland.zenfolio.com (E-P1/D3/D200/F30/F100fd/F200EXR/CX1/LX3/TZ-3)
http://www.proweddingphotos.co.uk (D3/D200)

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