Using Ballhead+ monopod shooting sport

Started Feb 3, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Using Ballhead+ monopod shooting sport

Welcome all

Can you help me understand some elements of the subject.

I have observed some pros shooting sport using monopods but not seemingly the way I am......Let me clarify one thing first,I'm not at the stage where I'm using a lens with a collar.

I only have A Nikon 70-300 lens mounted on a ball head tripod but I'm not locking down the ballhead,which is allowing me to swivel it to always keep my horizons level.I naturally dont get 100% support doing it this way but I am getting steadiness better than hand holding. It doesnt seem thats the way pros with monopods operate.

I am struggling to understand how having a lens with a collar and fully locked down ball head can allow level horizons/subjects to be maintained and photographed.

If this is the way its done then I'm thinking you still have to be straightening shots in editing.

Maybe you are shooting the way I am but I havent noticed it yet.

Can you clarify how it properly done.



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