Brand new 5DMKII - Is this fringing normal?

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Re: Brand new 5DMKII - Is this fringing normal?

Define "challenges the lens performance" and I'll respond.


jsmiller wrote:

gdanmitchell wrote:

jsmiller wrote:

As many have pointed out, your 5D II is pushing your lens harder...

That is a common misconception about cameras with a larger number of photosites in a given format.

1. I haven't done the calculation...

I did do the calculation. It's very simple and doesn't require tensor calculus or partial differential equations, but simple arithmetic and a few seconds. The result is that the 5D II challenges the lens performance more than the 5D. They are both FF cameras. Do the calculation. It isn't a vast difference, but it is clearly there. As far as the central region is concerned, my 450D "challenges" some aspects of the lens performance more than the 5D II, and the 7D is even more challenging. And that conclusion doesn't even require any mathematical manipulations.


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