Introduction aux caméras µ4/3

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If you can't read French...

... then don't click on the thread, it is as simple as that. The thread title is clearly not English. If you want English then don't click on a thread with a non-English title. Not so hard is it? Or maybe you just want to start trouble.

marcusaxlund wrote:

If everyone starts to speak their own native language, what's the point of this whole site then?

If I will be able to suddenly follow less than 50% of the discussions here. What's the meaning of this at all?
If myself and everyone else here can stick to English, why cannot the frenchmen?
Do they have a special superior language right?

If most of us speak english, but not everyone speak swedish or french or whatever other language I think it is rude, impolite and really stupid to suddenly start native language threads other than english.

Only a few of us speak french, and using that language deliberately excludes the rest of us from that particular thread.

For what reason?????

If we can speak English, so can the frenchmen!
If not, stay out of dpreview.....

Just my opinion!



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