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In any recession the first thing people stop spending on is luxury items and products.

Photography is not a commodity product that one puts in their shopping basket at the supermarket, it is an artistic industry and can only be classed as a luxury item - there is no need for a professional photographer at a wedding, so it wouldn't surprise me to hear that high end professionals are currently struggling to justify their prices to their clients (that's not to say the prices aren't justified, just that justifying them to clients would be more difficult as they are penny pinching).

Even though there is a recession - brides are spending MORE on photography this year than they were in the previous year. (at least in the U.S.) Overall wedding spending is down - but wedding photography spending is UP.

2009 Wedding Industry Spending Numbers

The wedding cost numbers for 2009 are in and they look close to expected. Couples spent $19,581 in 2009 compared to $21,814 in 2008, a 10.2% decline. The wedding industry market value in 2009 was $56.8 billion, a decline of 7.4% from $61.4 in 2008. The average number of guests in 2009 was 128, a decline of 11.7% from 145 in 2008.

Jewelry, gifts, and invitations lead the way for spending decline as couples spent 50.8% less on anklets, 44.1% less on gifts for their parents, and 36.4% less on reception menus.

Musician/s, Soloist, or Ensemble, Photographer, and wedding dress top the list of spending increases as couples spent 23.3% more on Musician/s, Soloist, or Ensemble, 16% more on a wedding photographer , and 12.6% more on the wedding dress.

2009 Methodology

Survey samples include brides, grooms (pre and post wedding) and wedding vendors. Samples from brides and grooms include multiple ethnicities, income levels, first, second, and third plus marriages, ages 18 to 90, across the entire US in large and small cities. Couples either married in 2009 or spent money for a product or service in 2009 for their 2010 wedding. Total sample size was 3,100 surveys, conducted in 2009. Margin of error: 1.76%. Total wedding cost based on weighted average demand of items included in the wedding.

To read the full report you need to subscribe to The Wedding Report


(I am not affiliated in anyway to The Wedding Report. I just get emails from the site once a month.)

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