"Wedding Photography looks easy enough"....

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Re: Yep

It's quite a colourful and inventive language, isn't it? ha ha.

Your interpretations are spot on. Nipped Bottom is indeed a clenched sphincter, though is the thoroughly polite way of putting it!

And chuffed does indeed mean happy, pleased etc. But "I was chuffed to win the lottery" would be an understatement!

Doug Haag wrote:

You (the OP) said in your original post that you wandered around with a "nipped bottom". As one who is alternately fascinated and bewildered by British expressions, I'd love a translation please. Could it be something as simple as a "clenched sphincter"?

And what is being "chuffed" that I see frequently in British photo mags? The context makes it sound like it means overjoyed. But in the absence of any other context, the sound of the word would lead me to think that it meant something negative like "put off" or "peeved".

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