***RESULTS of Challenge#94 "Illuminated Twilight" ***

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***RESULTS of Challenge#94 "Illuminated Twilight" ***

Hi everyone.

I want to thank all of you for your participation in the Challenge. Some great images were submitted making judgment hard but in the end I’ll have to go with just my personal taste.

One general note is that quite many of you didn’t understand (or didn’t read properly) what I was looking for – mainly that there has to be something artificially lit in the frame. Another common mistake was that many photos had a completely dark sky, not fullfiling the "twilight" requirement. But I cannot leave uncommented the fact that someone posted a photo of a night scene with no artificial light at all, saying that this is exactly what I didn’t want to see, but he’s no good at following instructions! Now what’s the point of deliberately submitting exactly what the host doesn’t want to see, is one of life’s mysteries…

Now on the winners. I’ll comment the top ten, though I‘d like to do that for much more, but my time is pretty tight.

No.10 Port of Pori by sukotin

A very good photo, I like the blue tint reflected on the ice and also the reflections of the lights on the water. Makes me think of cooold!

No.9 Le Tour by Steve Hageman.

Steve you told me to judge your two first photos, but the second one though great it is doesn’t seem to be twilight enough as the sky is too dark. So I'm commenting on this one which I really like, as it has a monochromatic feeling about it and the tower along with the tiny warm lights all over the city “break” this cold, mundane scene. I also like the dead-center position of the tower as it highlights it, being the main subject.

No.8 Kuala Lumpur by agf

A very nice photo with all the right elements. Great sky, even greater constructions and nice reflections. What annoys me a bit is the leaning of the towers, due to the angle of the camera looking upwards. It’s not too little to be noticed, but not too much to be dramatic either. A bit of perspective correction would make this great!

No.7 Annecy, France by serviphoto70

First I must confess I have a soft spot for Annecy, as I was there last summer for the second time in my life. A wonderful place really! Nick you did very well with this, a very nice atmospheric shot, capturing very well the charms of the beautiful town. Though the sky is darker than ideal, it is light enough to save the photo at just the right place: To separate the dark roofs from the sky. Maybe I’d like to see a little more of the left side, but I like it anyway.

No.6 Rovinj at dusk by Maxjaguar

A beautiful shot quite similar in concept to the previous one. I give it the edge though, because there’s more detail in the sky and sea as it is obviously shot a bit earlier. The old buildings add a nice nostalgic tone and the contrast between the blue sky and sea, and yellow light and wall is great.

No.5 Ile de la Cite by ianbramham

Yet another great shot by Ian beautifully capturing the tranquillity of early morning. I like a lot the soft tones and the lights reflected on the river.

No.4 no title by vagtanklan

I was really impressed seeing this, though I’m not sure I can tell it with words. It gives me the feeling of hospitality in the middle of a very inhospitable environment, a warm light in the middle of cold darkness. If I was lost and wandering in the middle of frozen nowhere, that’s exactly what I’d like to see in front of me!

No.3 Twilight in Brussels by sumerland

A very nice shot with the exact right amount of blue sky and illuminated buildings. Many more pluses, the place by itself is amazing, the red flags, the lit cobblestones making a pleasing foreground and the people from very near to very far, giving a nice sense of scale and depth. Only minus the perspective tilting, could be fixed relatively easily, but that would cut the right corner of the palace. Ideally it should be shot even wider so that it could be corrected later with no cuts.

No.2 Dazzling sunset by DezM

A really dazzling photo with all that detail in the foreground! Actually I like everything , the creamy water, the illuminated buildings and the great sky. Must be looking great printed to 3x2 feet! In fact I thought that would be my winner until I saw this:

No.1 Vancouver Cityscapes by Kathryne

What can I say about this, I’ve seen it in the past and was really impressed as much as I am seeing it again now! If we are talking about “illuminated twilight” this is as much illuminated and as much twilight as it gets! Wonderful blue sky turning to deep black, amazing clarity, deep contrast, correct perspective and Lights! Too many Lights! A real Greenpeace activist nightmare… A worthy shot altogether! Congrats Kathryn, it’s your turn now!

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